Chiang Mai home host program

Details :

Fun cooking experience with a local family. Of course is not a commercial cooking class.But you will know culture, the way of living,plenty thai herb You will experience a typical day in the life of a Thai sightseeing, just real home cooking in a real Thai neighborhood.

Join our family car( If Transport provide by our family) and transfer 20 minutes to Hangdong to spend the day with your 'Thai family.

Discover the architecture of traditional Thai house and rice barn. Your Thai family will also demonstrate their basket to garden,family orchid and select fresh ingredients to add to the days cooking extravaganza.

You will learn to cook traditional home cooked recipes with authentic Northern Thai flavors that are different from standard dishes offer in commercial cooking classes. Best of all you will have he opportunity to get to know a real Thai family and be their house guest for the day.

Enjoy a delicious home cooked lunch(or Dinner) with your family(cooked together).

Notes :

  • Lunch Time (9:30 AM till 2:30 PM)
  • Dinner Time(4:30 PM till 8:30 PM)
  • Dishes cooking( 1.Obb Kai, 2.Nam Prik Ong, 3.Phad Ma Khaue Yao, 4.Tom Som Kai, 5.Klauy Boud Chee.
  • Phad Thai( If having 4 peoples up in the booking)
  • Kanom Koke(Having childen in booking)
  • Water drinking, Coffee and Tea are included
  • Fruits by season included
  • We provide the private tour